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The City of Brass Update 5/5

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a month since I posted an update on The City of Brass. During that time we’ve been busy putting the finishing touches on World Builder, kicked off our Toolkit planning sessions and started work on The Book of Terniel, a Pathfinder module.

I’ll talk a little about each topic.

World Builder

As I look over my notes from last week’s planning session I see outstanding World Builder items are now down to just two.

  • Contributors (finished as of a few days ago)
  • Stock Images


A Contributor is just what it sounds like, someone able to work on your World Builder District. We first talked about Contributors way back in our initial planning but the real need became clear after we began posting content and realized that for anyone other than the author editing that content was difficult.


Atlas by Martin Paz

Only the District owner (that’s you) can add a Contributor and they have to come from your Affiliates (your friend list). There’s no limit to the number of Contributors you can have but if you should stop being affiliated with someone they’ll automatically be removed as a Contributor.

You should use this feature with caution though because, as we all know, with great power comes… full access to add, edit and delete your content. There are a few limits on a Contributors access to your stuff but they are slim. Before adding a Contributor make sure it’s someone you trust as the system pretty much treats them as if they were you.

Stock Images

From the very beginning Daniel and I felt that to have truly beautiful pages you’d need some great art and most of us just don’t have access to a lot of it. With that in mind, we went out and found a couple of artists willing to take this ride with us. You might know them as Stephen Garrett and Martin Paz. Both are amazing artists and Daniel and I are very grateful for all they’ve done so far (if you’ve missed all the artwork posts you can look here for them).

You should be grateful to them as well since most of the artwork they’ve done for The City of Brass is going to be available for you to use in your The City of Brass pages at no additional cost. We want you to be able to make awesome game worlds and we know that imagery is a part of that so we’ve gone out and acquired some images for you. Now as Daniel finishes up this item on the task list you’ll be able to pick them directly from the add-image section of your World Builder pages (and in the future Toolkit also).

Our image library stands right now at around fifty or sixty with more being added all the time. We’re looking to get a good variety of architecture and landscape pics along with a nice cross-section of standard fantasy races and classes.

Personally I think this will become one of the best value-adds available to you in The City of Brass.

With those two items wrapped World Builder will be officially ready for Beta although we’re not planning to move ahead to Beta until after Toolkit is also ready.


Last week Monday was our first official planning session for Toolkit and if you find the info on this site a little light on the Toolkit front that’s because up to now it’s only been a concept.

Toolkit will have two sides – one for players and another for GMs. Our 2014 plan includes finishing both.

PC Toolkit

This is where we’ve decided to start. There’s lots of reasons for it but foremost among them is that it will provide an excuse for us to get our gaming group into the system giving us feedback.

At the heart of PC Toolkit is the character sheet. I don’t know exactly how he intends to pull it off but Daniel has a design plan that supports any game system in an easy-to-use and meaningful fashion. That’s pretty awesome because that means you’ll be able to come into Toolkit and enter your characters for D&D, Pathfinder, W.O.I.N, GURPS… you name it.

Character sheets are at the heart of the system but they’re only the start. Some of the other features will include:

  • Character history
  • Adventure notes
  • Gear and items
  • And a teensy bit of active features for use at the gaming table such as tracking health (although most of these will be fleshed out fully with Tabletop next year)

Of course everything in Toolkit is meant to be seamlessly integrated with World Builder too so PC Toolkit offer something to your GM also.

GM Toolkit

GM Toolkit is going to be the ultimate resource for those of us that have the pleasure of prepping and running games. Aside from your rulebooks, a computer (or tablet or phone) and an internet connection, you shouldn’t need anything else – especially if you’ve also built your world inside World Builder.

Most of what we have planned for the GM tools are still conceptual but it all revolves around the campaign, adventure and encounter. The type of tools that will be available to GMs will include:

  • Campaign manager
  • Adventure manager
  • Encounter manager
  • NPCs
  • Monsters
  • Magic Items
  • Game Recaps
  • maybe a calendar?

I cannot wait until I have the same awesome toolset available for my adventure design as Daniel has developed for world building.

In any event, if you have any ideas you think we’re missing either for players or GMs drop me a note or leave it in the comments and you just might find them making their way into Toolkit.

The Book of Terniel

I’ll finish up today with a brief word about The Book of Terniel, an original Pathfinder adventure.

The Book of Terniel will be the first in a series of modules set in the Valley of the Kings that follows the PCs as they recover an ancient tome said to give the reader their hearts desire. The valley wherein the adventure takes place is a self-contained micro-setting that we’ll be making available on The City of Brass under a Creative Commons license (probably the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License).

I’ve been doing a ton of work in preparation for this including re-reading a few outstanding articles by The Angry DM such as How to Build F$&%ing Awesome Encounters! and Schrödinger, Chekhov, Samus. I am a huge fan of The Angry DM and you should be too. If you don’t read his blog just stop whatever your doing right now and go read an article or two. Really. Do it. They’re amazing.

Anyhow, I’m pretty excited to venture into our first published work and hope that you’ll enjoy it one day.

* * * * *

That’s probably enough for today. Talk to you again in a bit.

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